Description Price
Ophthalmologic examination 5.000,00
Examination of the anterior segment of the eye 4.000,00
Dioptre check 2.000,00
Ophthalmologic examination-subspecialist 6.000,00
Ophthalmologic examination-professor 8.000,00
Check-up examination-professor 6.000,00
Ophthalmologic examination-professor (urgent) 10.000,00
Ophthalmologic examination for children (screening) 7.000,00
Ophthalmologic examination-surgeon 10.000,00
Contact lens examination 6.000,00
Ophthalmological examination by a strabologist 7.000,00
Visual field testing (both eyes) 4.000,00
Visual field testing (one eye) 3.000,00
IOP profile (daily curve) 2.000,00
Intraocular pressure measurement 1.000,00
Eye Ultrasound 5.000,00
IOL Master 4.000,00
OCT 5.000,00-7.000,00
Pachymetry-Oculyzer 2.500,00
Corneal topography-Oculyzer 5.000,00
YAG laser capsulotomy (per eye) 15.000,00
YAG laser iridotomy (per eye) 15.000,00
SLT (Selective laser trabeculoplasty) 15.000,00
Laserphotocoagulation (LPC)-per eye 15.000,00
Extraction of a foreign body 5.000,00


Description Price
AntiVEGF therapy – every dose 26.000,00
Anti VEGF therapy - subconjuctival 16.000,00
Application Beovu 70.000,00
Application Beovu IV dose 25.000,00
Eylea 116.820,00
Lucentis 141.600,00


Description Price
Preparation for refractive surgery 11.800,00
LASIK (per eye) 59.000,00
PRK (per eye) 59.000,00
Ultra B2, Cross linking (per eye) 70.800,00
RLE surgery (per eye) 129.800,00


Description Price
Preparation for surgery 11.800,00
Cataract surgery 106.200,00
Cataract surgery complicata 129.800,00
Cataract surgery posttraumatica 188.800,00
Congenital cataract surgery 177.000,00
Cataract surgery monoculus 153.400,00
Surcharge for mutlifocal IOL 70.800,00
Surcharge for asferic IOL 11.800,00
Surcharge for iq Panoptix IOL 70.800,00
Surcharge for Tecnis Eyhance IOL 29.500,00
Surcharge for toric IOL 47.200,00
Surcharge for IO ring 11.800,00
Secondary implantation of IOL 106.200,00
IOL replacement 129.800,00
Cataract and frontal vitrectomy surgery 212.400,00
Combined surgery: cataract and glaucoma 194.700,00
Posterior vitrectomy (seamless - MIVS 23G) 330.400,00
Posterior vitrectomy (PHACO+MIVS 23G) 413.000,00
ILM peeling 413.000,00
Silicon oil evacuation 106.200,00
Silicon oil evacuation with cataract surgery 177.000,00
Silicon oil replacement 141.600,00
Glaucoma surgery 129.800,00
Glaucoma surgery-implant 177.000,00
Strabismus surgery general anaesthesia 153.400,00
Strabismus surgery local anaesthesia 129.800,00
Excision of eyelid/conjunctival tumor, smaller reconstruction 50.000,00
Excision of eyelid/conjunctival tumor, medium reconstruction 95.000,00
Excisions of tumor changes with the PH report, bigger reconstruction 170.000,00
Ectropion/entropion surgery 35.400,00
Chalazion surgery 11.800,00
Pterygium surgery 23.600,00
Pterygium surgery with conjunctiva transplantation 47.200,00
Surcharge for general anaesthesia 23.600,00


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