Modern surgical methods used in the treatment of diseases of the posterior segment of the eye, particularly retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, macular rupture of the membranes and the macula (the macula lutea). It is designed to provide access to the rear segment of the eye through a self-occlusive (self-sealing) hole in the sclera, small as 0.62mm, thus avoiding stitching wounds.

This is minimized due to surgical trauma, shorter operation time and faster postoperative recovery of the patient.

The method is quite comfortable for the patient and allows you to perform the surgery under local anesthesia in the toughest eye conditions.

Appearance of the eye after MIVS 23G intervention - the first postoperative day, the arrow shows where the entrance to the sclera is.

The method is often referred to as the 'mosquito technique' because the patient does not feel more discomfort than a mosquito bite. It can also be combined with PHACO surgery if necessary.



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