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Milmedic Clinic is Special Ophtalmology Hospital that began its development in 2010, with the mission to provide pleasant services to patients at the highest possible level with professional and motivated medical staff, which will contribute to improving the quality of life in the social environment. Today, it covers over 600 square meters of modernly designed space at Zvečanska Street 4 in Belgrade.

Within the Milmedic Clinic, there are three fully equipped ophthalmological   consulting rooms, an internist's office as part of the preparation for performing surgical interventions. Then, there is a cabinet for functional diagnostics of the eye, an ultrasound cabinet, a space for performing laser interventions, as well as a space for surgical interventions and eye operations.

Part of the Milmedic Clinic is the Refractive Center, a modernly equipped space for laser diopter removal intervention with the EXCIMER laser WAVE Light ALLEGRETTO, a new generation.

Our team consists of top experts with many years of practical and professorial experience. Quality and professional staff, experience of the surgical team, friendly staff, as well as top technical equipment are a guarantee of successful treatment and the ability to meet all patient requirements.

Our business policy includes:

• Quick and efficient solution of health problems

• Individual approach and full commitment to the patient

• Improving professional responsibility

• Continuous professional development and education of new staff

• Procurement of state-of-the-art equipment, diagnostic and therapeutic devices.




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