Patient examinations

Patient Examination

1. Ophthalmological Examination

Ophthalmological examination by a specialist doctor includes an examination of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye, measurement of intraocular pressure and determination of visual acuity.


2. Ophthalmological Examination of Premature Infants

Premature infants can have various health issues that are more serious and frequent the shorter the pregnancy. One of the problems is the so-called retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).

Signs ofROP can be detected by examining the infant’s fundus, on the wide pupil. Namely, specially trained ophthalmologists, with a special device called indirect ophthalmoscope, observe the condition of the fundus through the dilated pupil of the baby’s eye, with the help of a magnifying glass of an appropriate diopter.

Patient Monitoring (Screening) is performed in all premature infants born before the 37th week of gestation and/or with a body weight of less than 2000g. Moreover, the screening program includes children who were born with some form of birth asphyxia, as well as children who were treated with oxygen or were on mechanical ventilation. Examinations are repeated every 7-14-21 days, depending on the degree development of the disease, until the complete development of retinal vessels. It usually takes 4-8 examinations. Examinations of premature infants in Milmedic Special Hospital are performed by Ass Dr Dejan Rasic.



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