Cellophane maculopathy / epiretinal membranes

Macular pucker (preretinal or epiretinal membrane, cellophane maculopathy) is a disease of the eye or the Macula lutea region, athe central part of the retina . The etiology of the disease is different, usually it comes in response to metabolic changes in the vitreous body or the immune response to protect the retina from the separation of the vitreous from the posterior pole of the eye. As a result of these changes , scar tissue is developed in a form of thickened membrane and its centripetal folding in the region of macula lutea , the central and most important part of photosensitive retinal tissue.

Macula (Maculae lutea), provides a clear central vision necessary for everyday activities such as reading , driving , clearly distinguishing details. Macular Pucker manifests itself as blurring and distortion of central vision . Picture distortion and ' wavy ' perception of straight lines are the primary problems that patients have noticed.

The disease is progressive in character, although the visual acuity can remain stable for prolonged periods . Most often it affects one eye but is not uncommon to find the identical clinical picture later on the other eye.

For the diagnosis of macular pucker, we use a series of diagnostic procedures, which involve Amsler test, fundus review, and additional diagnostics in the form of ocular coherence tomography (OCT ) of macula lutea .

Treatment of macular pucker , which is manifested in a mild form, usually requires regular ophthalmological monitoring . However, in cases were degradation of the quality of vision is present , which directly affects the daily life activities , it is necessary to perform a surgical intervention . Given that in a developed form of the disease any eye drops , drugs or nutritional supplements cannot help , surgery is the method of choice for treatment.

Microincision vitrectomy (MIVS 23G) with ILM peeling ( internal membrane limitans ) is one of the most advanced surgical procedures . The operation is performed under local anesthetic drops , the most modern instruments and appliances, and the surgical team of Milmedic clinic led by vitreoretinal surgeon Prof. Dr. Miroslav Vukosavljević guarantees maximum results of this very delicate intervention.




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