Eye tumor surgery

Tumors of the eye and its adnexa (eyelids, conjunctiva, lacrimal apparatus, eye cavity) are the only diseases in ophthalmology that threaten not only the eye function, which is also the case with many eye diseases, but also the life of patients.

Dealing with this complex and diverse issue requires great ophthalmological and pathological knowledge, while it is a special and unique privilege, as an ophthalmologist-clinician and pathologist-ophthalmologist, to observe and study the same change with a biomicroscope and other devices on a patient, and under a microscope.

Tumors of the eyelids and conjunctiva are numerous and common, some every day, which increases the importance of the problem, thus the great knowledge in the area is a necessity. Changes in these structures are visible and equally accessible diagnostically and therapeutically. Almost all tumors on the structures of the eye are curable in the initial stage, both surgically and by other available treatment methods (radiation therapy, cryotherapy, local cytostatic therapy, etc.). They are mostly benign.

Tumors of the lacrimal apparatus are rare. The most common structure affected by the problem is the lacrimal gland, followed by a lacrimal sac.

Tumors of the eye cavity, orbit represent one of the most complex issues in ophthalmology, both from the point of view of diagnostics and treatment. The term “tumor”, in the most general sense, means reading through processes that are characterized by an increase in the volume of soft contents in the eye cavity built by the bone orbit.

Eye tumors, due to the fact that the eyeball is only a small part compared to the whole body and at the same time a very important organ of complex composition and structure, as well as to its adversity and the fact that they develop in a small volume surrounded by solid fibrous sheaths of retina and sclera, andowing to the big difference in the tendency of certain eye tissues to form tumors, represent a real diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical challenge.

All types of surgical removals (excisions) of tumor changes with the PH report of  Doc Md Dejana Rašića, are performed at the Milmedic Special Hospital.



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